Halo Rover Hoverboard Review – One Of The Best Hoverboard’s On The Market

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It’s interesting to see how the hoverboard industry keeps booming more and more, today I have the pleasure to give you my Halo Rover Hoverboard review. This company has been doing business for over 10 years, they were created in 2005. The Halo Rover actually picks up speed of up to 10 MPH which makes it a very fun mini vehicle to have.

I’ve read the customer reviews on this product which labels it as the best hoverboard on the market, and today we will find out if this is accurate.

Specification and Features

  • Meets the safety requirements of the UL2271 & UL2272 (Protection against Hoverboards catching fire)
  • Equipped with an 800 watt electric power motor
  • Brings a Personalised Halo Rover mobile app
  • Comes with 3 different different training modes: Beginner , Normal , and advanced
  • Has some very nice Halo wings which is a precaution against exterior damage
  • Water resistant
  • Has some 8.5 inch tires for better stability
  • Weight limit of 260 LBS
  • Has a 20 degree tilt for incline surfaces
  • Measurements of 9.1 by 8.7 by 27.5 inches and a weight of 32 pounds
  • Very nicely design LED head lights
  • Bluetooth speakers that lets you play music from your phone while traveling
  • Battery life of up to 2 hours
  • Charge time only takes 2.5 hours and comes with a UL2272 certified charger
  • Ages 7 & up
  • Guaranteed Warranty


  • With a battery life of 2 hours and only 2.5 hours charge time required , this is such a positive specially for kids
  • The weight limit of 260 LBS makes it accessible for just about anyone
  • The 8.5 inch tires are basically indestructible and the Halo Rover is water resistant
  • I really like how user friendly this hoverboard actually is from the 3 different riding modes plus the mobile app
  • Comes with a self balancing technology that provides easier riding with better stability
  • Comes with a bag and shoulder strap


  • There wasn’t any real negatives to this product but a couple things that I can see being a problem are a bit of a combination. The Halo Rover weighs 32 LBS and going at top speed you can only travel for about an hour. You should make sure that you don’t run out of battery and then having to carry it as 32 LBS isn’t on the light side of things.

Is The Halo Rover Safe ?

This Hoverboard / self balancing scooter is extremely safe. It meets the UL2271 and UL2272 safety requirements, which means the batteries are of the best quality around. Halo actually went a step and beyond to meet the IPX4 water resistance compliance standards, which allows you to ride in the rain without the concern of the board getting damaged.

Almost all other hover boards get damaged by water except the Epikgo.

What Are Others Saying ?

Basically, all the Halo Rover Hoverboard reviews are positive. Okay, not all of them but just about ! This is kind of surprising, specially when other hover boards have even amount of people rating it through 1- 5 stars.

People are saying that it’s of extremely high quality , build like a tank , can travel in all terrains. It’s very easy board to adapt to (very user friendly) but don’t take my word for it, take a look at the amazon reviews.


The Halo Rover is a must buy if you can honestly afford it. You might go through 2-3 hover boards before anything happens to this beauty. The fact, that it comes with a 12 month free warranty makes it that much more appealing. If your child it’s over 45 LBS then I could recommend this Hoverboard for kids too. A lot of kids got this hoverboard for the holidays and they absolutely loved it.

There is an exception for the warranty which is if fraud is involved. I doubt you’ll want to return this bad boy. Since the phenomenon of hoverboards happened, I was waiting for the one board to steal the show and wow, this might have been the board.

My Verdict

I totally recommend the Halo Rover for all the features and benefits it comes with. It’s not just the quality because yeah, it does come with indestructible tires , water resistance , UL2271 & UL2272 certified . Then it’s the extras LED head lights , the mobile app , different training modes , and even bluetooth speakers.

I honestly believe you can’t go wrong with the Halo Rover.

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  1. I wanted a hoverboard so bad and this site is perfect to look at the reviews of all these hoverboards. The Halo hoverboard seems to be in my budget and I’m pretty excited to get one of these myself.
    How long does the battery on these last? Do you have any suggestions on which one is the best hoverboard in the same price range?

    1. Hey shrey,

      I definitely recommend the Halo Rover as it’s one of the most quality. The batteries last 2 hours typically but if you are going on full speed the whole time it will only last you about an hour.

  2. Hoverboards are really cool. I’ve tried a Segway but I’ve never used a hoverboard. I’d love to use one but sadly they are banned from riding in public here in Britain.

    I can see from your review that the Halo Rover Hoverboard is equipped with top of line features including a personalized mobile app. It even comes with different training modes. I would probably be stuck on beginner’s training for months. My experience on a Segway showed how terrible I am at balancing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Cheryl,

      It’s really a sad fact that the hover boards are banned in your country. I know kids and adult in my country (united states) for the most part love it. What I like about the Halo Rover is how it has different modes based for different levels of users. It really is made for beginners to learn with and gradually learn more and more.

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