How To Ride An Electric Scooter

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Riding an electric scooter can feel pretty daunting, especially if it is your first time, even if it can only go from 10 to 15 mph (or 16 to 24 km/h). But no worries! Most of your first-time experiences can be really scary, but after you master how to ride an electric scooter, you will surely be zipping around your neighborhood in no time.

So how do you ride an electric scooter? Here are the steps:

Charge your electric scooter.

This is basic knowledge. Of course, you need to first charge your electric scooter so you don’t encounter problems on the road. Most charging ports are found at the base of the handlebars, perhaps at the bottom. It is also better to read the manual while you charge the scooter for about three hours or even overnight.

Kick the kickstand up before you ride your scooter.

This may seem foolish, but it is really a common mistake. Turn your scooter on. The switch should be located near the charging port.

Use your one foot to step on the electric scooter, while the other on the ground to stabilize the scooter.

The throttle bar must be on the right handlebar. Now, slowly turn it towards you and then kick off with your foot still on the ground.

Try a turn.

Now that your scooter can move, make a turn and steer it just like how you would steer a bike. That is probably the easiest way so you feel like you are not driving anything different from a bike.

Plan your trips accordingly.

You might want to ride your electric scooter to reach destinations that are not too far. That is because the average scooter can only run for 30 minutes to one hour, or two to seven miles (that is 3.2 to 11.3 km).

As you can see, the instructions above are the basic steps in riding an electric scooter.

But if you want to know more and take things up a notch, then below are more in-depth instructions:

Read the accompanying booklet or package directions.

This will let you know how to operate the scooter. While reading, you may also find some helpful information on air pressure for the tires, battery maintenance, and other useful details. You can check the manufacturer’s website as well to see if there are guidelines there for new scooter owners like you. Going to the store where you bought the scooter can help to check if there are brochures or even verbal suggestions to help you get used to your new vehicle.

Ride your scooter solo all the time.

An electric scooter is built to carry only one person, so do not attempt to take along a passenger. Doing tricks such as dragging someone in a wagon or an attached skateboarder is not a good idea either since the motor is not sturdy enough to be able to handle this kind of load and will most probably give out soon. Never try to force one or two persons on the scooter for the sake of tricks or fun because this can just cause you, as the driver, to lose control and worse, may lead to an accident.

Follow scooter laws.

If you do not know any, contact government offices or departments for information. You can also browse electric scooter chat rooms or discussion boards online to get to learn more about motorized scooter driving in general, together with scooter care and driver safety.

Use appropriate driver safety equipment.

This can go as simple as a helmet. Stay off restricted areas for scooter use and keep on the part of the road or sidewalk where you are supposed to. Also, avoid congested areas as much as possible to prevent increased risk or even traffic sneers. Further, make sure that your scooter is in road condition the moment you take it out in public.

Be familiar with all the electric workings that make the scooter run.

Driving an electric scooter is just like driving a car, only the former is just a smaller version of the latter. Since anything can go wrong at any time, it may be helpful for you to keep the owner’s manual with you as you use your scooter. Bring along a personal identification information and insurance card as well, if important.

Just always remember to treat your scooter with the respect and care it deserves to ensure that you reach your destination safely.

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  1. I am from village area from India we used to ride these scooters when we were a kid, the only difference was we don’t have motors attached to it that time just tow tyres and handle were present but these modern scooters are really cool. I am definitely gonna buy one of these for my kid (he will love that).

    1. I can definitely relate to you vishal as I was born in cuba and these type of toys were never available to us. I’m sure your kid will love them ! share with him how you never had an electric one ! Might just get a kick out of it (:

  2. Scooters look so cool, and who wouldn’t want to save time on a scooter as opposed to walking!

    But I’ll be honest: as cool as they look, I’m thinking, “I may look like a fool on them!” But that though really has to do with my lack of knowledge. Just out of curiosity: In your opinion, is it easier to navigate a bike or a scooter? I can ride a bike, so I figure (hope) operating a scooter shouldn’t be too difficult…I hope.

    “Scooter laws”…really? I don’t think I knew that they existed! Thank for the tips!

    1. Thank you for the comment,

      Many people tend to be uncertain about electric scooters but surely, you shouldn’t have much trouble with them. Getting around with them is a blast specially in overpopulated areas. If you can ride a bike then you will have no troubles with a scooter.

  3. I never did get the hang of skateboards… will I be able to manage a scooter? I’m afraid I would take off too fast and not be ready to balance and that’s all it would take to end up on the ground! How fast do they go? Are scooter laws similar to bicycle laws or motorcycle laws? I didn’t think you should be riding on sidewalks where the pedestrians walk.

    1. Thank you for the comment !

      Most people don’t know of electric scooters but you can get the hang of it rather easy. Hover boards are a bit more of a challenge in comparison . Each electric scooter goes a different speed and nope, electric scooters should be driven in the road not sidewalks. Sidewalks are design more for human powered machinery such as bikes not electric bikes (they have motors).

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