MEGAWHEELS TW01S Review : A Return Of The Self Balancing Electric Scooter ?

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Self Balancing Electric scooters or Hoverboards have become very popular in the last year. There were some recalls made but with some improvements they are back in the market again. This simple but stylish hoverboard is ideal for experienced but even beginners.

Customers ranging from kids to celebrities , It’s very unlikely that you would go out and wouldn’t be able to spot one. It’s almost like a mini vehicle that appeals to the inner child in us. There are many different brands and specifications from which to ultimately choose from. To make the process easier and less of a hassle, I’m here to assist you in acquiring your very own mini scooter with an honest review.

What Is Different About This Hoverboard ?

It’s very shocking to see the Hoverboard back a return after the non stop cases of these toys catching on fire but improvements have been made. Manufactures are using more reliable batteries that are UL2272 certified and fire proof casings which should make for a safer experience.

Note : Comes with a rechargeable battery that has passed the latest certification the UL2272 certification. It is true that although it has passed the verification it doesn’t restrict the battery from overheating. Here is where the fire proof casing comes into play, If for any reason it overheats this casing will prevent a fire from occurring.


Color : You can acquire this overboard in 4 different colors, white , black , blue or red. It looks very stylish with any of those 4 colors.

Motor : The dual independent motor that the MEGAWHEELS TW01S brings offers outstanding movement with your feet. Allows for very access while steering. 

Gear Stabilisation : This feature might just be the most essential since without it you will likely fall in a matter of seconds. The gear stabilisation allows for enough balance to be able to ride this Hoverboard for a long period of time.

The Pros 

When looking at the MEGAWHEELS TW01S it’s clear why purchasing one would make for a fun gadget to play with. You could really look forward to cruising down the streets or in the park with your very own mini vehicle . Let’s take a look at some points that makes this Hoverboard a worthwhile investment.

Durable : I can’t even begin to tell you how many times i’ve fallen or scratched mine, it still works perfectly well. It should really last you a long while. That must be the reason why the material they use is so heavy for this product. 

Dimension : This is very important to allow for complete comfortableness while riding. I use a wide stance which requires a longer board than most. The 6.5 inch tires allows for sharper and more precise steering. I personally prefer this type of board.

Cost : This is a no brainer, the price for this board is cheaper than most for sure but it’s still something you have to think about. The decision will be made based on need and finances available.

The Cons

While I do agree that improvements have been made across the board on the MEGAWHEELS TW01S, there are are still some issues that we have to look at carefully. If they are minimals then thats fine because nothing can be perfect.

The Shock : If your have your Hoverboard plugged in and are on it theres still a chance of you being shocked. It’s nothing life threatening but you’ll feel it. 

Controls : Now, wether it can be used for beginners or more experience self balancing scooter users is not up for debate. It doesn’t change the fact that these vehicles aren’t the easiest to operate, they take some time to get used to.

You might even experience the board going in all types of directions the first couple of times that you try getting off the board. This is very natural though, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

In Conclusion

I understand that most if not all of the visitors looking to purchase a self balancing electric scooter will be skeptical. It’s only natural since almost all hoverboards were recalled. It’s normal to get attracted to a certain board based on it’s stylish design but it’s vital that look for boards that have extended warranties and a very clear return policy.

I would be on the look out for any board that doesn’t meet the battery certification as this is a very serious matter. You are better off spending some more bucks if it means that the safety of your kids will be that much more assured.

You should take into consideration the points that have been highlighted across this review and choose the best type of Hoverboard for yourself and others. The MEAGWHEEL TW01S scored very well with us and I’m sure you will have a similar experience with them.




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