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If you have seen a plug-in electric vehicle having two or three wheels that is powered by electricity, then you already got a glimpse of some electric scooter speeds. Through a rechargeable battery, the electricity can be stored on board. This drives one or more electric motors. What also makes an electric scooter distinct is that is has a step-through frame.

Now, of course, you want an electric scooter that has a fast speed. So when buying, you really need to be super careful, especially when you do it online. Not everything that is posted on the internet is true. You can go to the seller’s website and check the specifications of the electric scooter. If a brand is not that familiar, trust your gut and avoid buying it. Products such as electric scooters are not that easy to replace and would be a total waste if you can’t use them.

So for great speed and acceleration, choose one that goes about 20 to 24 mph fully charged, and 17 to 20 mph 2/3 charged. That would most likely last for a longer time than normal electric scooters. Also, if it can go up to 25 mph in just about three to six seconds, then that is already a good sign. But if you really want to know how to increase electric scooter speed, you can try the following:

Use a motor that is rated to handle higher current or voltage since that can convert more electrical energy to mechanical energy. Remember, voltage x current = power.

Use batteries that are able to supply more current, say lithium-polymer, instead of lead-acid. Connect these batteries end to end (in series) for increased voltage. 

Use a power system that is solid-state to lessen the energy that is being turned before it reaches the motor.

Use the power more effectively by going sleeker, lighter and smoother. Take advantage of the motor’s performance traits by changing the gear.

Decrease weight by getting rid of unnecessary parts or replacing metal with composites.

Improve the aerodynamic design of your electric scooter to reduce losses to wind resistance/drag.

Use better lubricants, move to direct-drive and replace metal bearings with ceramic to lessen or eliminate friction in the drive system.

Below are some of the electric scooters that do not only have great speed, but also have other impressive features:

Super Turbo 1000watt Elite

The speed of this one can reach 26 mph. It is powered by a 1000-watt 36v motor. It’s got high power, nice bulky system and a heavy duty package with a robust built. It can also carry up to 250 lbs. To add, it is equipped with shockers, disc brakes, and an eco/turbo mode to switch. There are wide tires as well to give you that better adhesion to the road and stable ride.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This is designed for kids aged 13 years old and above, plus weighing less than 170 lbs. Its top speed is about 15 mph and it is inspired by a vintage look. That being said, you can choose different vintage looks and colors. Also, it offers a range of 10 miles and comes together with a small storage compartment found under the seat.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This can go up to 12 mph for one hour and has a sturdy twist grip throttle. It is combined with features such as pneumatic tires and a hand-operated rear brake to ensure your hassle-free ride around the neighborhood. Truly, this is perfect for teens.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This is considered as one of the most famous scooters in its category, being able to deliver a speed of 15 mph. This performance-driven motor has an extremely quiet chain system as well as a high torque powertrain. Charging it lasts about 40 minutes on continuous use and its body is a cast of great strength material, making it endure a few bumps easily. It is powered by a 24-volt lead acid battery and may be lightweight but still strong.

Now that you already know some things about electric scooters, may you be able to choose your own wisely. Good luck and have fun!


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