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Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Riding an electric scooter can be a lot of fun. But imagine if you also own one. That means you get to take care of it too. With that being said, you need something that is easy to operate and user-friendly – you need to read this Razor E200 Scooter review.


Has a super silent chain-driven motor, high torque and handy twist-grip throttle

High-performance with 12 mph speed

Long lasting rechargeable 24-volt seal battery system provides the power

Comes along with a spring loaded kickstand, hand-operated rear brake, and large eight-inch pneumatic tires to ensure a smooth ride

Includes a UL-approved battery charger, as well as all the tools needed to make light assembly possible

Got an initial charge time of 12 hours and needs for battery to be charged before use

Recharge time reaches 12 hours (but 24 hours is recommended for maximum charging), even if the light turns green

Continuous ride time is up to 40 minutes, but may vary on riding conditions, proper maintenance, and climate


The Razor E200 Electric Scooter is one of the products of Razor, which lets the thrill of power meet the latest technology and high-quality materials. This is what the brand is really known for. And with a full-size deck and frame, this scooter is designed for those aged 13 and above who travel at 12 mph. Also, this is child-friendly as it engages a super quiet chain-driven motor, which neighbors would truly appreciate.

This vehicle is also your best way to get your need for speed. Its other upgrades include a hand-operated rear brake to achieve smoother stopping power, plus two big pneumatic tires that measure eight inches. A high torque, spring loaded kickstand, and handy twist-grip throttle also come along with it. Further, it is powered by a long-lasting, 24-volt seat battery system, in which its charger is UL-approved. 

Now, if you are new to electric scooters, you need to remember that its initial charge time lasts 12 hours. You need to charge the battery before you use the scooter. Recharging is also up to 12 hours; however, 24 hours is more recommended to attain maximum charging and no worries even if the light already turns green. Please keep in mind too that you can only continue riding it for 40 minutes. Still, that depends on proper maintenance, riding conditions and climate.

Users who have been able to try this scooter out said that it is great for joyriding or quick rides. It does not feel dangerously fast as it feels safe on the sidewalks. In addition, rain is not a problem for this one, just as long as you do not go blasting downhill, hitting a puddle at a speed of 30 mph. But if you got to ride this one under the rain for already two to three times, then you might need to apply oil on the chain.


A critical comment stated that this electric scooter does not work after six months. The batteries are also a huge problem since they easily run out. You would also think twice about replacing them because they cost a lot. So yes, your kids may love it for the first one or two months. But when the battery begins deteriorating after just two or three minutes of riding, you can no longer use it. Even if you replace the battery (which can cost around $70 to $75), the scooter will only work again for another one or two months. And soon, it will be back to being useless.

There were also issues of already damaged parts even if the product has just arrived. For instance, the charging port was too loose, making the customer unable to recharge the scooter and thus, can’t be used again since it does not have the power. One review stated that the accelerator does not function. Plus, the chain tends to come off so it becomes useless after that. It is heavy too, so teens may really not be able to carry it on their own.


Some are satisfied, some are not with this electric scooter. Still, the Razor E200 Electric Scooter is recommendable, given that it is really made of quality materials. You see, it has a very quiet chain-driven motor that means neighbors will not give you dirty looks or say nasty things as you pass by. It also has a full-size deck and frame, so 13 years old and above could really enjoy it (since this was really designed for them). It has other features that all contribute to its great performance, such as the high torque, pneumatic tires and hand-operated rear brake that guarantees a smoother stopping power.

Aside from these, it also has a spring loaded kickstand, handy twist-grip throttle, and high torque. Its long lasting 24-volt seat battery system also ensures that it works well, and its charger is reliable since it is UL-approved.


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